What Now?

What now? Christmas is over, the lights will be switched off, we’ll soon be putting all the Christmas decorations away, we’ll be back to work, back to school, back to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life and the never ending pressures that many of us feel, as we seek to navigate ‘life as usual’.

For many, its been a month of focusing on something else. It’s been a month of forgetting some of the hardships of life whilst being determined to have a great time and enjoy the party season.
For others its been a bitterly cruel and hard time. Making the most of the first Christmas without the person they really loved and watching as others have enjoyed themselves, with their families fully intact. (I speak from painful experience)
It’s also been a pretty eventful year, nationally and on the world stage:
[Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the political and economic fallout
Three prime ministers, in one year, in UK politics and I could go on and on and on …..?]
At WCC there’s been some noticeable events, as well:
The arrival and induction of a new Senior Leader/Senior Pastor
Baptismal Service, for 7 candidates
Our own amazing tribute to HRH Queen Elizabeth II
A poignant and moving Remembrance Day Service
New believers making decisions to follow Jesus
A growing number of new visitors and families
We’ve said ‘Goodbye’ to some friends, that we’ll see again in Glory
We’ve said ‘Hello’ to a new arrival (Baby, Lorenzo) and more events …..
We’ve had the most wonderful of Christmas Seasons, at Wellspring Community Church and now we’re back, looking at the diary for 2023 and many are asking; What Now?
I suspect there’s a growing resignation, in some circles, that we’re about to get back on that same roller coaster and where we’ll end up is anybody’s guess. maybe a sense of foreboding? maybe a feeling of uncertainty?
But I want to draw your attention to two words that have been a rock, for me to stand on, over the years. ‘Steadfast’ & ‘Certain’
Pastor Fiona led us on a journey of discovery, in the first week of Advent. She taught us about HOPE and the many signposts that pointed to it’s arrival, in the Person of Jesus Christ.
Our hope is certain. It is something for the soul to hold on to. It is [Steadfast] strong and secure.
Hebrews 6:19 – New International Readers Version (NIRV)
Jesus is here. Hope is here.
When the stable was swept and cleared out, when the star dimmed and the wise men started their journey back home, the casual onlooker could be forgiven for thinking this was all a big anti-climax. But nothing could have been further from the truth. Jesus had just moved into the neighbourhood and nothing, absolutely nothing was ever going to be the same again!
Well that’s what we’re declaring now; at WCC and over Moston and North Manchester. Jesus is in the neighbourhood and nothing, absolutely nothing will ever be the same again!
As we step into 2023 lets not forget that. Jesus (The Son of God) has moved into the neighbourhood!
Pastor Andy Taylor