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Values/Mission Statement

Values/Mission Statement:

To become a Church that is welcoming, Encouraging, Authentic and Relational; and one which is Led by the Spirit and Fed by the Word; for the purpose of Mission.

Therefore as a community of believers, we aim to do this in a number of ways which prophetically for us, serve to underpin how we understand ourselves and our purpose in the community and collectively, these are best expressed through our Strap-Line; ‘Drawing Together’, which in turn embraces 4

elements. As such, our aim is to: ‘Draw Together’ –

1. Relationally:

    Drawing together to encourage real relationships with each other and the local community.

2. Spiritually:

    To encourage each other spiritually through sincere relationships and Spiritual Gifts.

3. Locally:

    To engage with the local community in a real and practical way. 

4. Globally:

    To engage in global mission as the Lord leads.